I got offered a job tour managing an artist called Tony Joe White and at the time I didn’t really know anything about him.

It was when we were sat in a service station on the M6 and he told me the story of Elvis Presley calling him to invite him and his wife to a show as he was opening with a song Tony Joe had written, I knew then I was touring with a real star.

And what an absolute Star he turned out to be and a cool, humble, gentleman. Elvis actually recorded four of Tony Joe’s songs. He also wrote half of and played on Tina Turner’s global hit album Foreign Affair.

With just Tony Joe, his guitar and an amp, country and western’s legendary drummer Jeff Hale, in a Galaxy Voyager, my job was quite easy; get them to the show and find the best Rioja in town, get paid, hotel, job done. Bingo!!!

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